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Obama to trade critics:
'I take that personally'

Trade unions, green groups and Democrats are fighting the Trans-Pacific Partnersh

Illegal immigrants pay
$11.8B in taxes: report

Millions of undocumented immigrants are paying billions in state and local taxes, a nationwide study finds.

Comcast merger with
Time Warner appears dead

Sources say a $45.2 billion deal to combine the No. 1 and No. 2 U.S. cable companies is off.

McCain trashes Rand Paul
over 'lapdog' remark

Sen. John McCain says Paul "is the worst possible candidate of the 20 or so" on "the most important issue.

Scientists uncover mystery
behind Okla. quakes

Researchers issue their strongest statement yet on the onslaught of seismic activity in recent years

Pete Rose allowed to
participate in All-Star Game

Being involved in the game and getting a full reinstatement are two vastly different things, of course.

The fight to make working
on your own car illegal

GM, Ford, and others want to ban owners from altering technology related to a car's onboard computer.

NRA's brazen shell
game with donations

The organization may be violating several federal election laws, according to experts.

Walmart denies targeting wage protesters
But activists say the real motive was to shut down a store because of its role in the minimum wage debate.

Michael Brown memorial
destroyed by vandals

A tree planted in memory of the 18-year-old who was fatally shot in Ferguson was found chopped at the trunk

School censors girl's shirt for yearbook photo
Eighth grader Sophie Thomas wore a black t-shirt emblazoned with the word “Feminist” in silver for a recent picture day at Clermont Northeastern Middle School in Batavia, Ohio.

Kraft making big change
to mac & cheese

This is the last year the original version sold in the U.S. will contain dyes or artificial preservatives

Reliever suspended 80 games
for failing drug test

Andrew McKirahan is the second pitcher in the Braves organization to be sidelined for PED use this season.

Which NFL player sold
the most merchandise

Andrew McKirahan is the second pitcher in the Braves organization to be sidelined for PED use this season.

Why dysfunction is taking a breather in Congress
In a rare display of cooperation, deals are struck on Iran, Medicare, education, and trade.

WWI chemical weapon
now favored in Syria

Chlorine gas, used and then condemned as a weapon 100 years ago, makes an ugly return.

White House hopefuls
bicker over America's role

A clash over foreign policy is dividing the packed GOP presidential field.

How Clinton aims to stay
on liberals' good side

Retooling her position on certain issues, Hillary Clinton patches relations with liberals at her campaign’s outset.

Obama tosses aside diplomacy,
gets tough on GOP

The president singles out Republican lawmakers by name for their actions on Iran and Cabinet nominations.

West coast hit by
mysterious fish plague

Millions of by-the-wind sailors, jellyfish-like sea creatures, wash up on the shores of California and Washington.

Illegal immigrants pay
$11.8B in taxes: report

Millions of undocumented immigrants are paying billions in state and local taxes, a nationwide study finds.

U.S. troops arrive in
Ukraine to train forces

Moscow is up in arms and warns the move could "destabilize" the war-torn ex-Soviet country.

Newspaper reporter deemed
the 'very worst job'

Readership of ink on dead trees has plummeted and newspapers are struggling to find ways to make money online.

The 10 worst used vehicles:
A scientific guide

What out there is truly low-quality? These are the cars with the highest defect level at trade-in time.

Federal judge deals blow
to marijuana activists

U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller declined to remove pot from a list of the most dangerous drugs.

Oil layoffs hit 100,000
and counting

Roughnecks feel the brunt as a fall in the price of crude ripples through the industry.

The juror who took
down Aaron Hernandez

The former NFL star had never been held accountable for causing trouble until he ran into Lesa Strachan

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