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Will Obama's 'one
Iraq' policy work?

The IS seizure of Ramadi have many questioning the strategy as Iraqis call Ash Carter's remark's "unrealistic and baseless."

The real story
behind Memorial Day

It's more than just a three-day weekend marking the unofficial start of summer.

Navy plans to raise sunken
Confederate warship

The Navy is preparing to send its premier diving teams to Georgia to help salvage the 1,200-ton vessel.

Major banks plead guilty to currency manipulation
Four financial institutions have been fined billions for criminally rigging global markets going back to 2007.

Islamic State enters ruins of ancient city
Extremists are in full control of the central city of Palmyra after seizing it from the Syrian military.

'Unprecedented' spike
in ATM data thefts

Cybercriminals are stealing debit card information from machines at the highest rate in two decades.

Rand Paul ends 'filibuster'
against Patriot Act

The Republican commandeered the Senate floor to protest against renewal of the post-Sept. 11 law

America sees differences
in Waco, Baltimore

As scenes of the massive shootout in Texas emerge, many are concerned with how the two violent incidents were handled.

Michelle Obama creates her
own workout video

The first lady demonstrates her top five fitness moves in a video for #GimmeFive.

Push for new war powers
stalls in Congress

A move to write new war powers to authorize the Obama administration's battle against the Islamic State might just be dead.

U.S. strategy in Iraq doubted after fall of Ramadi
The city's capture by IS revealed a weak Iraqi army, which the White House is relying on for stabilization.

Teacher publicly rebukes bully, then gets fired
Nicole LeMire, who teaches fifth grade, says she addressed one boy's aggressive actions in front of the class.

Jeb Bush toughens stance
against gay marriage

The likely 2016 candidate says he does not believe the Constitution grants a right to same-sex marriage.

Amtrak resumes service
on Northeast Corridor

Trains begin rolling between NYC and Philadelphia for the first time since last week's deadly crash.

GOP candidates finally admit Bush's war was a mistake
Presidential candidates have reached a consensus on a conflict that left 4,491 Americans dead. 'Everybody accepts that now'

Unusual killers
in all 50 states

The most "distinctive" causes of death in each state range from disease to killings by law enforcement

Senate candidate apologizes for offensive gesture
California Democrat Loretta Sanchez was caught on video making a caricature of a Native American war cry.

Tough week exposes
Jeb Bush's vulnerabilities

The presumptive presidential candidate is reeling from a difficult stretch that leaves some GOP backers worried.

Widening scandal swirls
around New York governor

As two of the state's top lawmakers face federal corruption charges, Andrew Cuomo's approval rating plunges

Inside Marco Rubio's
stumble on immigration

No one doubts Rubio's raw talent. But there are doubts about his readiness for the presidency.

Boehner mocks reporter over Amtrak funding query
House speaker John Boehner erupts when asked about the Democrats' concerns over a $251M cut.

Blues legend B.B. King dies at 89
The onetime farmhand brought new fans to the blues and influenced generations of guitarists.

Natalie Portman picked to play grieving Jackie Kennedy
An A-lister is cast for the movie set in the days after JFK's assassination.

Amtrak engineer has 'no
recollection' of crash

Brandon Bostian, 32, has "no explanation" for what happened, his attorney told ABC News.

Lawmakers slash Amtrak
funding hours after crash

Many members of Congress use the train to travel to and from Washington, but that didn't stop a $250M cut.

House made of
shipping pallets

These particular humble wood slats were destined for greater things than just hauling stuff around.

Jeb Bush inadvertently says he's running for president
When asked how he would be different from his brother, the former Florida governor responded with a slip up.

Hearse drivers fired after
stopping for coffee

Two Florida men stirred outrage after parking at a Dunkin' Donuts with the body of a decorated soldier in the back.

Democrats block action on Obama's trade agenda
Senators have voted to prevent debate on the president's request for "fast track" trade authority.

Russia: We won't
bow to U.S. 'coercion'

Secretary of State John Kerry met with top Russian officials in Sochi amid tense relations.

How deflate-gate has
spiraled out of control

The NFL scandal has become a circus because of Commissioner Roger Goodell's lack of touch and courage. .

Thousands too injured
to enter Baltimore jail

New records show officers refused to admit nearly 2,600 detainees between 2012 and 2015

White House: Bin Laden
raid story 'baseless'

Investigative journalist Seymour Hersh is standing by his controversial account of the killing.

Study: U.S. becoming more
secular, less Christian

The number of religiously unaffiliated Americans has grown as the ranks of Christians have declined, a survey finds. .

Miss. community in shock
after death of 2 officers

Police officers Benjamin Deen, 34, and Liquori Tate, 25, were shot and killed during a routine traffic stop

Jeb Bush on going to war in Iraq: 'I would have'
The brother of former President George W. Bush and likely presidential candidate says the choice was plain.

Why millennials are afraid of talking on the phone
They have a reputation for being married to their phones, but actually talking seems like a foreign concept

Statue of Confederate leader
roils Texas students

A movement to remove a Jefferson Davis statue from a university campus flies in the face of a growing trend.

U.S. reverses decision
on 'mistake airfares'

The Department of Transportation enforces a new policy that enables airlines to back out of unintended fares.

Risky new strategy to
bring down Syria's Assad

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are funding a coalition of Islamist rebel groups despite American concerns

Several states are
looking at tax increases

As many as a dozen states, including some with Republican governors, are considering significant boosts.

Baltimore mayor calls
for federal investigation

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake asks the Justice Department to review the police force for civil rights violations

Why you can expect to
pay more at the pump

Lawmakers across the country are looking to squeeze more tax revenue from drivers.

Basketball recruits
are snubbing Kentucky

Despite a 38-1 season, Coach John Calipari is unable to attract the top prospects like he once could.

Cincinnati-based Macy's
opening discount stores

The Cincinnati-headquartered retailer will offer clearance items and special buys at four locations in the New York City area.

Man selflessly builds miniature house for homeless woman
Elvis Summers spent $500 on materials to build Irene "Smokie" McGee a tiny home on wheels.

'Traumatized' dog found
inside tree adapts

Boo, the stray who'd been living in a hollow trunk for a week, is adjusting to her new life.

Poverty edges its way into 2016 presidential race
Economic troubles in urban areas have coaxed problems facing the poor into the political debate.

NYPD arrest retraining
goal: Keep cool

"Once you put your hands on someone, you can't go back," says one police instructor.

Why homeownership rate
is lowest in 25 years

Prices are rising, pointing to an increased demand for homes, so why are there fewer homeowners?

Good, bad news for schools
after draft decisions

Justice Ginsburg's mind made
up on gay marriage

U.S. plan for Syrian rebels already mired in doubt

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